SuperLauncher V3


Digital SAFTS
SuperCerts functions exactly like a token locker, but issues a derivative Certificate that can be traded. Hence, SuperCerts allows trading of your vested and unvested tokens.
1) Multiple Groups. Support for multiple vesting groups in a single V2 SuperDeed contract. Ability to issue Deed certificate for the entire token supply across all groups.
2) Flexible/Composable Vesting Schedule. Ability to define/create vesting schedule with full flexibility. Every group can have their own unique vesting schedule
3) Support for ERC721, ERC1155 NFT added.
4) Use of enhanced security Merkle proof/verification for the Certificate issuing.
5) Fully decentralized smart contract with various DAO roles (Dao MultiSig, Deployer, Configurator Approver) to ensure the highest decentralization and security.