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↔️ Migration

Token Migration from BNBChain to zkSync Era

  • Claim your EGGs here.
  • Unstake your LAUNCH here.
  • Convert EGGs to LAUNCH (18 Apr, 2PM UTC).
  • Migrate LAUNCH to zkSync Era (18 Apr, 2PM UTC).
*The migration of the LAUNCH token to zkSync Era will be facilitated by Layer Zero’s cross-chain messaging technology, making SuperLauncher the first to leverage this tech for cross-chain migration. Layer Zero enables seamless communication between BNBChain and zkSync Era, significantly speeding up the migration process.
EGG Conversion Rate
Conversion Period: 12 weeks (18 APR, 2PM UTC to 11 JUL, 2PM UTC)
LAUNCH Migration Period: No deadline has been set for now.
Last modified 1mo ago