Buy and Sell SuperCerts
  • Once you have your SuperCert, it will be available for listing on our OTC Marketplace if you wish to do.
  • When you subscribe to an early-stage token sale, you are sitting on an illiquid investment. SuperCerts and the Marketplace give you a unique opportunity to trade these investments way before the token listing takes place.
    How does the OTC Marketplace work?
    • Trade your seed/private round certificates securely in the OTC Marketplace
    • Split, combine or transfer your Certificates.
    • Sellers can negotiate with buyers in the OTC Marketplace Deal Room
    • Sellers: List your Certificates. 0% Fees.
    • Buyers: Select the Certificate you wish to purchase. 2% Fee applies.
    • Sellers can split and combine their certificates and sell them in small portions
    • Traders can use Discord to interact and discuss pricing.