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Qualify for Sales

Both Stakers and Public users can participate in sales on our platform in a First Come First Served (FCFS) model.

Staker Advantages

  • Qualified stakers (1000 to 100k svLAUNCH) who register for each sale will be eligible to purchase their allocation during the preOpen period.
Allocation is determined by yourStakedLAUNCH and based on the min/max for staker allocation in the respective sale, it will be determined by means of linear interpolation.
Your staked LAUNCH = 10000
Staker Min/Max = 100/5000 USDC
Your Max Allocation (FCFS) = 545.45 USDC
The min/max svLAUNCH requirement for sales is changeable via governance.
preOpen allows qualified stakers to be able to purchase their allocation before the sales open to everyone.
This mechanism is used to avoid the issue of stakers having to compete with bots during a sale.
  • Staking between 1000 to 100K LAUNCH qualifies you for a fee rebate % determined by your svLAUNCH amount. This would allow you to pay a lesser amount for your purchase.
User Fee = 0%, Project Fee = 10%, Sales Charge = $1
A Public user pays:
Allocation Cost + User Fee + Sales Charge
1000 USDC + 0 USDC + 1 USDC
= 1001 USDC
A 100k LAUNCH Staker pays:
Allocation Cost + User Fee + Sales Charge - Rebate where, Rebate = Allocation Cost * (User Fee + Project Fee)%
Staking 100k LAUNCH qualifies for a 30% rebate (refer to Governance Parameters)
Cost before rebate = 1000 + 0 + 1 = 1001 USDC
Rebate amount = (10% * 1000) * 30% = 30 USDC
Nett payable = 1001 - 30 = 971 USDC
Last modified 7mo ago