Refer & Earn (Coming Soon)

Invite your friends and you both earn.
We built our own referral system so you and your friends/community can earn.
  • Share your referral links
  • Start earning from every sale

How to Refer & Earn?

  • Click on the "Referrals" button in the menu to get to the dashboard.
  • Within this dashboard you can input/view the user who has referred you and also view friends that you have referred.
  • You can view/claim your rewards here.
  • Generate your own unique link to invite friends and start earning.
  • By default, the fee sharing is 80% (upline - you) and 20% (downline - referee). This is changeable via governance.
  • Registration of referrer is done on-chain and on zkSync Era.
  • When there are sales on other EVMs, you will be able to enable those chains for referrals rewards and LayerZero tech will be used to relay the data to the relevant chain.