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Migration Process & Modes

What is the minimum and maximum LAUNCH that I can migrate in 1 transaction?
Minimum: 0.1 LAUNCH
Maximum: 1,000,000 LAUNCH
What is BATCH migration?
BATCH migration consolidates multiple transactions (up to 300 transactions) and processes them at the end of a 3 7-day waiting period or when the 300-transaction limit is reached, whichever comes first. BATCH migration mode prioritizes cost efficiency.

Timeline & Liquidity

When will LAUNCH liquidity be moved to zkSync Era?
Liquidity will be moved from BNBChain to zkSync Era on 18th April. Monitor our official communication channels for updates.
What is the deadline for migrating my LAUNCH tokens?
Currently, there is no deadline in place for migrating your LAUNCH tokens. However, it is important to monitor our official communication channels for any updates or changes regarding the migration timeline.

Wallet & Migration Setup

How do I add zkSync Era to my wallet?
To add zkSync Era network , head to Chainlist and connect your wallet to add the network.
How do I fund ETH into my zkSync wallet?
To fund ETH into your zkSync wallet, you can use 2 options.
1. zkSync Era bridge (official):
  • This option is by zkSync and only allows for bridging between Ethereum and zkSync Era
2. Orbiter Finance (3rd party):
  • This option allows for bridging between various chains like BNBChain and zkSync Era
* Use the above at your own risk and always take note of the processing time and fee estimates before executing any transactions 3. Withdraw ETH directly from Binance to the zkSync network
Are there any specific requirements for my wallet to participate in the migration?
Only wallets with LAUNCH are able to click and execute the Migrate function.

Trading, Farming & DEXs

Which DEX can we trade LAUNCH on in zkSync Era?
LAUNCH will be tradable on PancakeSwap
Can I still trade my LAUNCH tokens during the migration process?
We will move the liquidity from BNBChain to zkSync Era right before the migration dashboard opens. You are advised not to trade on BNBChain from April 18th, 12 PM UTC onwards. Liquidity is expected to be available on Velocore (zkSync Era) on April 18th, 2 PM UTC

Technical Issues & Support

Why is my migration button not enabled/keeps processing after I click?
If your migration button is not enabled, it may be due to a technical issue, an incorrect network, or wallet issues. Ensure you have LAUNCH in your wallet. Ensure the correct wallet is connected and on the correct network. Try clearing your browser cache, restarting the browser, and attempting the migration process again.
My MetaMask app is not responding and I can't sign tx.
If MetaMask is not responding, try clearing your browser cache, updating the app, or restarting your device. If the issue persists, try using a different browser or a different wallet provider..
How do I monitor the progress of my token migration?
Our migration dashboard will show you when your token claim is pending and claimable. It will also show you how much you have migrated in each transaction if you choose to do multiple transactions for some reason.
Who can I contact for technical support during the migration process?
For technical support during the migration process, reach out to us on our official communication channels. Telegram is preferred for urgent matters. Tag @Kanary_SuperLauncher in the official chat.

Migration Costs & Speed

Why are gas fees high on zkSync Era?
zkSync Era gas fees may appear high initially due to higher than normal gas fee estimations by wallets. However, the actual fee is much lower, as a refund of the difference between the estimated fee and the actual fee is processed automatically once the transaction is executed. To view the actual fee spent, check your transaction on the chain. zkSync Era generally aims to provide lower fees and faster transaction times, and as their user base scales, you can expect even lower fees in the future.

Token Balance & Distribution

How will my token balance be affected by the migration?
The migration process should not impact your token balance. 1 LAUNCH on BNB Chain = 1 LAUNCH on zkSync Era, ensuring that your token balance remains the same after the migration.
Will there be any impact on existing staking or farming rewards during the migration?
LAUNCH staking rewards (EGG) will end emission on 17th Apr, 2PM UTC. New staking and farming rewards on zkSync Era will be announced. Keep an eye on our official communication channels..
Will there be any updates to the tokenomics after the migration?
There will be no changes to the max supply of the LAUNCH token. You can view the updated tokenomics here.

Token Migration Risks & Safety

Is the migration process safe? Will the bridge get hacked?
We have taken all precautions to ensure the security of the migration process. . However, no system is perfect. Always follow best security practices and stay informed about any potential risks.
Can I migrate my tokens back to the BNB Chain if I want to?
No, you will not be able to migrate your tokens back to BNBChain, as the migration uses a one-way bridge through LayerZero. Once your tokens are migrated to zkSync Era, they cannot be moved back to BNBChain.
Will the token contract address change after the migration?
There will be a new contract address for LAUNCH on zkSync Era which you can view here just before migration.
What happens to my LAUNCH tokens if I don't migrate them within the specified time frame?
Currently, there is no specified time frame for migrating your LAUNCH tokens. However, tokens that remain on BNBChain won't have significant value as the utility and liquidity will be on zkSync Era. While we may consider a forced migration at some point in the future, there is no guarantee. It is advised to migrate your tokens to zkSync Era to ensure access to their full utility and liquidity.

Token Price & Market Impact

How will the migration affect the price of LAUNCH tokens?
The migration's effect on the price of LAUNCH is uncertain and speculative in nature, as it depends on various market factors. Our priority is to focus on our protocol and its development, rather than indulging in price speculation.


Is there a step-by-step guide available for the migration process?
Refer to the pictures below.
What are the benefits of migrating the LAUNCH token to zkSync Era?
Adoption, partnerships just to name a few. Read our article on our move to zkSync Era
Can I migrate tokens from multiple wallets at once?
You can connect one wallet at a time on our dashboard.
Remember to refer to SuperLauncher's official communication channels for accurate and up-to-date information on the LAUNCH token migration. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us on Telegram, Discord or Twitter.