Whitepaper 2.0
Bit Hotel NFT Offering
This is a SuperLauncher Branded NFT Character Sale, for Avatars that will be used in the Bit Hotel Gaming Metaverse. The sale is exclusive to SL and there will be no more mints of these characters.
🎁 Promo | πŸ“Ή Trailer | 🌐 Website | πŸ“‹Marketplace | 🧊Telegram | 🐦Twitter Sale Details: 🏨 Bit Hotel NFT Offering ⏱ FCFS Start: 29 Apr, 2 PM UTC ⏱ FCFS END: 29 Apr, 4 PM UTC πŸ“‰ Network: BNB Chain Important Instructions: 1. There will be two types of NFTs. 2. Each address can purchase one of each NFT 3. There are no svLAUNCH requirements 4. Sale will be done in $EGG 5. Your NFTs will be airdropped to you on 30 Apr, 2PM UTC
NFTs for Sale: SuperLauncher Kid: 400 QTY Price: 4 $EGG SuperLauncher Fan: 295 QTY Price: 6 $EGG
Acquire $EGGs:
(a) You can stake LAUNCH to earn $EGGs (b) You can buy $EGGs from PCS SuperLauncher Kid (below)
SuperLauncher Fan (below)
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