2.0 Features
SuperLauncher is an investment DAO that breaks boundaries for investors looking to seed projects across blockchains.

Features: Part 1

  • Support for Seed/Private Rounds with Issuance of Tradable Certificates
  • Decentralized management of IDO including dedicated roles (Campaign deployer, configurators, approvers) that SL IDO committee members can manage.
  • Future-proof architecture that allows Roles management and Factory upgrading in a safe (non-proxy) way.

Features: Part 2

  • Flexible Currency Support. Campaign able to raise in any one of these tokens (Bnb, bUsd, Usdt, Usdc, Dai, Btc, Eth)
  • Projects can raise in BUSD, and list in BNB, avoiding rate-fixing issues
  • Flexible LP provider using any one (or multiple) providers (PCS, ApeSwap, Wault).
  • Flexible LP provision scheme (None, Fixed, Dynamic amount)
  • Flexible LP locking scheme allowing for scheduled unlocking.
  • SL Allocation scheme system (Guaranteed -> Lottery, Oversubscribe/Egg -> Public WL-FCFS -> Public)
  • Unlimited rounds for Public WL-FCFS system
  • Flexible campaign fee structure contributing to DAO dividend.
  • Flexible Vesting schedule system allows separately configuring of user’s tokens and project’s raised fund.
  • Built-in History tracking for 100% accountability.

Features: Part 3

  • AMA question submission system.
  • Subscription system that overcomes the issue of BOTs using small svLAUNCH accounts to make purchases.
  • Support for realtime, second-by-second vesting release, as well as scheduled interval release.
  • Safe refund system for cancelled campaign or campaigns failing to reach soft-cap.

Features: Part 4

  • Full fledged 2.0 Dashboard
Expansion Opportunities
  • Full-fledged ecosystem, where a project’s TGE will mint everything and lock into SL DEFI system. From there onwards, SL DAO schedules seed round (deed-claim token system), private sales and public IDO. Integrated with 1-click button to spin up any Super Farms. MultiSig and Locker system are a standard feature in the platform.
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